Our Team is Hand Selected and VerifiedRevive2 endeavors to have a constructive and encouraging impact in the high schools, colleges, prison systems and worldwide.  One of our highest priority is to provide a safe place for students and staff in our programs. Therefore, we believe in accountability and responsibility of an organization to do their due diligence to support that priority. Below is our due diligence to having the right staff and volunteers.

Our On-boarding Process:

Our staff and volunteer leaders go through a careful screening process that consists of an application, interview(s), character references and criminal background checks.

  • Our staff and volunteer leaders are given Revive2 full Statement of Faith, Mission and Vison Statement, and Conduct Policies to read and sign acknowledgement of all documents have been read and agree with the documents.
  • Our staff and volunteer leaders demonstrate acceptance and love for all young people, and we encourage young people involved with Revive2 to model the same.
  • We train our staff and volunteers to sustain boundaries in relationships with the young people. We leverage highly qualified Human Resources professionals to train our staff on how to screen and train our teams.

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