Spiritual Workshops

The workshops are geared in what we call Action. Our three “B’s” will help our clients build their futures with a great tools to support their foundation.

spiritual_workshopsBe You…My Identity!

  • Who Am I and What is my Purpose?
  • Celebrating My Celibacy
  • Developing My “Spiritual” Man

Be Present….

  • Living Beyond My Failures
  • Living Beyond the Peer Pressure
  • Embracing Your Now
  • Dealing With the Aftermath of Sexual Abuse
  • The Forgotten Mourner

Begin To Plan and Pursue….

  • Don’t Settle, Dream BIG!
  • Defining My Real Friends
  • How to Negotiate Life’s Curve Balls

Benefits of Our Workshops

  • Provide practical learning for real life and work situations.
  • Have hands on learning, problem solving and  support the development of realistic solutions.
  • Support the participants with practical tools that give them the confidence to apply the learning to set and achieve their dreams and goals.

Are you ready to begin again?

We can help! Let us introduce you!