Livin’: Beyond the Loss

ibelieveThe death of a child, spouse, sibling, or cousin…

Your family…shattered by divorce…

Your innocence…taken through rape…

The sheer devastation of these traumas hits you out of nowhere.

Your emotions surge, bringing you to a new level of despair and dismay. You can’t even remember your favorite sandwich.

Your friends and family don’t know what to say.

button_livin-beyond_02They don’t want you to hurt any more than you already hurt. Nor do they want to hurt you by saying something that you are not ready or willing to hear. So instead of saying anything, they distance themselves…from you, from your tragedy. They can’t endure your hurt, your pain.
Suddenly, you find yourself on this journey of grief…alone.

But you are not alone. And although your journey may be lonely and confusing, there is hope.

Livin’: Beyond the Loss looks at the emotional, physical, and spiritual elements of the grief cycle. By understanding the ramifications of the impact of grief on the lives of program attendees, Livin’: Beyond the Loss helps individuals understand exactly what is happening as they work through their grief. Through the gaining of this understanding, emotional triggers are identified and tools obtained to help participants deal with certain situations. It also allows attendees to create a support system of people and self-care that assists and encourages them to define their new normal.

According to the National Association of School Psychologists, “The nature of the loss may also have a great impact on a child’s reaction. Factors such as traumatic or unexpected deaths, the loss of multiple family members, suicide, and homicide are associated with stronger negative grief reactions.”

The Livin’: Beyond the Loss Program is an integrated curriculum designed to help participants deal with strong, negative grief reactions. This program includes hands-on activities and self-reflection to strengthen core values. It also provides attendees with coping strategies. Our curriculum and group sessions are instructor-led and delivered through music and technology. Utilizing this method provides a safe place to deal with grief and the grief cycle.

Our staff and leaders provide:

  • Livin’: Beyond the Loss Curriculum – 9 week sessions
  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Short-Term Mentoring Programs
“Finding my new normal!”
-Monica Hawkins


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