Begin Again Programs

It is not always about what happens to you in life. It’s about your ability to handle the situations that will have the biggest impact on your life. Our Begin Again programs are designed to help participants deal with the changes that have occurred in their lives as the result of  traumatic events.

Scope of Services

We specifically target youth, 12 and older, who have experienced loss of a loved one through violence, death, or incarceration.


Get on Your Feet

Get on Your Feet is our foundational re-entry program designed for clients who have served in the Federal/State Prison or the Juvenile Justice System. It assists and encourages program participants in changing their attitudes and behaviors so they will experience a successful journey going forward.


Livin’: Beyond the Loss

Livin’: Beyond the Loss targets clients who have experienced a tragic loss: the death of a loved one through murder or suicide, the shattering of innocence through rape or the destruction of a family from divorce. Using a group setting, facilitators assist participants in understanding the emotional, physical, and spiritual elements of the grief cycle so they can discover their new normal


Short-Term Mentorships

Our short-term mentoring programs provide one-on-one connections between mentors and clients. This mentoring program is geared toward helping clients set their goals and live their dreams through accountability and relationship.


Beginning again after a traumatic event requires a combination of three elements:

  1.  Understanding what to expect from the grief cycle,
  2. Strengthening your character while growing through the grief cycle, and,
  3. Learning to rely on God to bring you through the grief cycle and help you find your new normal.

Our TEAM is committed to creating programs  catering to the needs of each individual participant in our programs. Although our programs are created for the healing and wholeness of the group as a whole, we are also dedicated to tailoring certain elements of each of our programs to fit individual needs.

One size does not fit all!

Therefore, we gear all our programs to the specific needs of each individual. We also address each question resulting from trauma that has occurred in the lives of the participants. In addition, we address the question of why these traumas seemingly perpetuate in their lives.

Programs“Can I live beyond the pain and shame I feel inside?”
“How do I interact with my family and friends now that my life has completely changed?”
“How do I begin to dream again…and move towards that dream?”

All our programs are built around character development. We assist each person in becoming aware of their personal emotional  triggers that cause anger, pain, resentment, and low-self esteem. Then, we provide them with tools to respond (not react) to those triggers differently. 


Are you ready to begin again?

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