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Monica Hawkins


monica-hawkins_02Monica’s passion for helping teens and young adults through Revive2 has been fueled after the life changing tragic event of the death of her youngest son. Prior to his death he was instrumental in having her speak to college students who had experience hopelessness.   She has made it through her struggles and tragedies because she “Just Believed”.  Many people cannot paint a picture of tragedy, struggle, strength, courage and triumph in the same way she can.

Monica is a dynamic and relevant keynote speaker and has used her life story to develop interactive workshops on domestic violence, negotiating life’s curve balls and other challenging topics surrounding young people and adults. Her message of forgiveness and hope has been given publicity on radio and TV; Sirius XM “Maggie Linton Show”, Bob Dutko Show, CBN “Turning Point International”, Bold Living, Sheridan Broadcast FM Radio, American Urban Radio Networks, Ken and Deb in the Morning – WDLM-FM and WNPQ The Light 95.9 FM “Afternoon Drive”. She has the unique ability to capture an audience’s attention and challenge them to forgive, hope and dream.

Monica’s clients for workshops and motivational speaking have been small and large companies such as; Pittsburgh Public Schools, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard University, Clarion University, Penn State, Allegheny County Juvenile Probation , various churches, and state and federal prison systems.

She is a woman of faith, passionate about empowering and helping men, women and youth to move beyond the pain.  She strongly believes  triumph over your struggles or a tragedy is to “Just Believe in Jesus Christ” and put your faith in action.  Through her passion, resiliency and “go get it” attitude she has caused people to be encourage giving them their own “go get it” attitude to find their new normal and joy.

Monica Hawkins is a mom, grandmother, servant leader, author, mom, mentor, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur who is a native of Pittsburgh, PA.

Davon Hawkins

Executive Director

davon-hawkinsDavon is a committed and compassionate individual – and a man of few words. Through his caring and authenticity he has reached beyond his own pain to grab a generation that is confused, hopeless and struggling with everyday life. He is no stranger to many of life’s challenges himself such as inner city struggles, coming from a single parent home, dealing with an incarcerated father and the murder of his best friend- his younger brother. After some of his life-changing events, Davon chose a career in the Juvenile Justice System with a desire to make a change in the lives of these juveniles. Since working in this field, he realized more needed to be done. His compassion and commitment moved him to start the Out of the Box Movement and take a leadership role in Revive2.

Davon is a captivating, relevant and down to earth speaker. Knowing how to read his audience, he delivers a message with a sensitivity but a challenge that causes the individual to believe there is a “plan for their life.”

He is an entrepreneur and a radio host on It’s Relevant Truth. He utilizes his strong skills of problem solving, mentoring youth and case management to be a leader in his community.

He is a man of faith, a husband, a father and dedicated son. When he is not giving his time to others, he spends his time with his family, watching movies, anything to do with cars and working out.

Tracy Fagan

Director of Operations

tracy-faganTracy has a heart for connection and a passion for helping teens and adults navigate the challenges of life with confidence, self-respect and integrity. God has brought her through many of life’s challenges such as date rape, sexual abuse, divorce, and single parenting. Through these trials she knows what it means to begin again.

She loves helping people understand new concepts and ideas. She has a unique way of teaching and story telling to bring even the most complex topics into a framework that people understand and retain the concepts.

Tracy is a mom, entrepreneur, creative thinker and author. She loves the outdoors, skiing, hiking and working out.


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