History of Revive²

Revive-2 has been working with students since 2011

Revive2 started out of a passion to help high school and college students begin again after dealing with trauma or tragedy in life. Monica Hawkins, became passionate as she experienced this issue personally with her own son getting lost in the high school and college life. She would often pray asking how she could help.  God answered the prayer.  Monica’s son Donté chose to go to college and further his education. After joining a young men’s Bible study on campus,  Donté realized his classmates needed an adult who lived their life with a practical love of God.  He reached out and invited his mom to share her story and her ability to “Believe God…to Begin Again”.    Monica agreed to go and share her story about her life changing events.  That one invitation open up the door for her to share more about how she overcame molestation, teen pregnancy, single parenting, domestic violence and divorce. She learned fortitude; how to trust, forgive, love, live right and “believe in God and in herself.”

During this same time, Davon Hawkins, Monica’s other son, was also connecting with the youth. He was impacting the lives of young men through his position at the Allegheny County Juvenile Probation Center. Davon was always very relatable because he drew from his personal experiences of his teen years as well as the challenges and pain that came from having an incarcerated parent.  Through the relationships he built, he encouraged these young men that they could succeed in life, no matter what had happened in their past.

Experiencing God's love!The Hawkins family changed forever on the night of May 6, 2012 with the murder of Donté Hawkins. This tragedy sent both Monica and Davon on a journey to experience the power and love of God to help them begin again…no matter what has happened in the past.

After time on the journey of healing, Monica and Davon have come back to Revive2, knowing that they can use their experience to continue to answer the request that Donté once made, to help students begin again.

Revive2 has now grown to help not only high school and college students find success in life by furthering their education, life and character building skills and spiritual development; but we have also added services for incarcerated juveniles and adults to find success in reentry into society through similar programs.

history_3Revive2 provides a variety of interactive educational teachings based upon spiritual principals from the Bible. We are not religious; we believe in teaching that God is our source and through building a “relationship” with God you can begin your new normal after experiencing the trauma of a tragedy that is engulfed in pain.  Since our inception we have reached over 200 people, we travel from campus to campus, community to community and church to church with the message ”You Can Begin Again..Just Believe.”

Revive2 also offer the D.M.H. Book Scholarship in memory of Donté Hawkins. This is another way we can assist students in their success by buying their book for college classes.


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