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Revive2 is designed to deliver more help to people who have experience a traumatic event in their life. We know from personal experience that you can begin again, no matter what has happened in the past. Revive2 will show you how to forgive, trust and love after the trauma.

We service our clients through a holistic approach by providing educational support, life skills, short term mentorship and spiritual development. We believe these are critical aspects for one finding their new normal after trauma. Revive2 is committed to supporting individuals and families by collaborating with faith-based organizations, corporations and community organizations that align with our beliefs and scope of services.

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Begin Again Programs

Offering programs and skill building curriculum designed to equip teens and adults with the ability to deal with their past to bring healing to their future.


D.M.H - Delivering More Help

Helping students further their secondary education through skill building workshops, scholarship opportunities, mentorships and spiritual growth.



At Revive2, we take a look at the bigger picture. By keeping our finger on the pulse of laws, initiatives and government policies, we can help impact the situations and lives of those we serve.


Invite us to Speak

Monica Hawkins & Davon Hawkins are powerful motivational and keynote speakers who share the healing power of Christ and inspiration to begin again through examples from their personal journey.



Our Mission

We are impacting and inspiring individual lives to change through applying practical educational tools, life skills and spiritual teaching.

Our Focus

We challenge teens and adults to address the fear and pain of their past to allow them focus on and move into their future.

Join Us

There are many ways for you to connect with Revive2. Maybe you want us to visit your campus or organization, volunteer your time or donate resources. If you relate to any of these, click here to learn more!

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